Custom Tailored Furniture

About Us

Having been working in the furniture factory for over 10 years and exporting furniture to more than 10 countries, we have learned how to make high-quality furniture, which is recognized not only in Latvia, but also worldwide.

Our team consists of skilled carpenters who possess excellent production technology and know how to make furniture with high precision and quality. Thanks to up-to-date production equipment, we are able to quickly produce furniture for individual orders, according to your requirements. Ķēniņa galdniecība is able to offer all kinds of furniture made of various materials and species of wood, using only high-quality furniture accessories. We develop sketches and 3D visualizations, give advice and tips on the kind, size and technical solutions of your chosen furniture.

Addressing customer needs is one of our top priorities!

Carpentry workshop

Ķēniņa galdniecība produces kitchen furniture, doors, ladders, bathroom furniture, furniture for children’s rooms, bedroom furniture, as well as office furniture. Any furniture to order.

kitchen furniture

Utility and design are the two main conditions that characterize comfortable and functional kitchen furniture. We manufacture kitchens of both classical and modern design with a very wide choice of accessories and materials (laminate, chipboard panels, acrylic, glass, metal, solid wood, etc.). We offer a full production cycle – from the measurement and visualization up to supply and installation of kitchen furniture.


We manufacture doors of any design and size of solid wood. We offer various types of surface treatment – staining, varnishing, painting in any colour, plus you can select different levels of surface gloss. For your chosen doors we also offer the production of door frames.


Ladders should be easy to use, safe, durable, and fit into the house design. We manufacture ladders of both solid wood and chipboard panels, treating the surface with special varnishes or oils that ensures durability of the product.

bathroom furniture

Thanks to the use of water-resistant decorative materials, we can install in the bathroom the furniture from a variety of materials – under sink cabinets, bathtub basements and other furniture.

children’s room furniture

We manufacture various kinds of comfortable and safe furniture for children’s rooms, paying special attention to the rounded corners and using only water-based finishing materials. There are beds, cradles, cabinets, chests of drawers and sets for children’s rooms.

bedroom furniture

You can choose a bed of a ready-made design and we will manufacture it under your required dimensions. You just have to choose the kind of wood (oak, ash, birch) and the desired tone. We also offer design and manufacture of customized beds, especially for you. In addition, we make bedside tables, chests of drawers and cabinets.

other products

There are bar counters, shelves, hallway furniture, sliding systems, furniture for offices, receptions, stands, boudoirs, TV furniture. We manufacture all kinds of furniture to order.